The MODULE A: GETTING STARTED will introduce you with the concept of becoming an entrepreneurial educator through a ‘curiosity-led’ series of questions. The module also introduces the EntreComp framework and will assist you, the educator, to see new ways forward within your own context of learning.

The key aim of this module is to present, analyze and compare different methods of teaching creative thinking skills in the learning process. The module will enable you to introduce fresh ideas and solutions into you day-to-day work.

Within this module you will know how to explain to your students the meaning of the term VALUE in a broad content. Through number of practical examples, you should lead students within the evolutionary process of understanding value

The purpose of this module is to stimulate entrepreneurial educators to use their own strengths to help learners discover what their motivation, talents, strengths and passion is. The module will put emphasis on why it is so important to find what you love and to be able to follow that passion.

The aim of the training module is to help entrepreneurship educators  to familiarize their learners with responsible and limited resource management, importance of sharing resources and networking as well as launching and growing a venture from a resource based perspective. EE will be able to explain to their students economic and financial concepts of venture operation as well as how to effectively communicate, inspire and negotiate in terms of mobilizing others.

The aim of the module is to help entrepreneurship educators prepare and support their students to show initiative, have a go at solving a specific problem at hand and planning the implementation of the proposed solution. A variety of tools, methods and practical exercises will be introduced to this aim. The module specifically helps to foster sense of initiative and problem solving skills. 

With the overall purpose of focusing on creating next practice, working with stakeholders and the value of cross-sectoral working e.g. engaging education / business / community stakeholders, this module aims at assessing and validation the learning experience as well as monitoring and evaluating the impact of the learning path developed throughout all previous modules.